Why a blog?

4 Feb 2023, 11:41 pm


Aren't they a little... old fashioned?

Yes you may be right but over the past few years I’ve been going on little blogs to learn about new frameworks and technologies. Things that can only be learned from people deciding to spend some of their time writing it down.

That is the aim with this blog.


I am reminded of Nick Robinson’s quote from ”The Mystery of MICHEALSOFT BINBOWS” in which he used a very small site from Yoshinori Adachi to discover the location of an old store which had turned into a meme.

“If there’s something you like, if there’s something that catches your eye or that you want to share or that you find fascinating… just put it on the internet

Nick Robinson

The siren’s call of continual quality improvement

But there is one caveat I’m giving myself with this blog. There is no quality bar. I am a perfectionist, which can be a good thing because I know anything that I produce I have mulled over time and time again to try and make it as best it can be with my knowledge at the time. But the downside is that any project not deemed to be perfect gets scrapped never to be seen by anyone.

I often see creators getting more and more popular and thus have this false need to keep improving the quality of their work, bigger, grander, more expensive, longer, more in-depth, etc, etc. They then have to spin up a secondary channel for the “smaller” projects, a.k.a, the content they were producing normally.

I don’t want to fall into that “trap”, so anything I want to write, no matter how long, how short or how irrelevant it is to my work. If I want to write it, I will write it. Some of the stuff is probably more relevant for a twitter post and yes, you’d be right. But I already fell into the trap of having this false need to keep the quality of work up, I have kept my twitter very clean, rarely tweeting and rarely replying. Meanwhile this is my little corner of the internet, if people find this then hello person! :) . If people don’t find it then at least I can put my thoughts to words and have it scraped by the internet archive’s bots to hopefully be preserved forever in time.

Not to say continual quality improvement is always a bad thing, just not for a silly little blog.

What to expect

I don’t know, you tell me. I just wrote a whole section about trying to not have any sort of quality bar.

Well… I have some sort of an idea. My current work is in relation to web design and broadcast production. As of writing this I am 22, finished University (woo hoo!) and only employed as a casual employee as a local cinema (though the amount of shifts I got this week, might as well be full time). But anyway here’s a list.

  • Broadcast design
  • Broadcast production
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Games design
  • Freelancing
  • Gaming
  • Many rants that will help me vent for any of the previous topics
  • Tutorials!
  • Bad tutorials!!!

But why here?

Yeah I could make a blog on medium,, hell even blogger. But that would be too easy :)

Also gives me a chance to remake my old website using Astro. The site uses the astro portfolio template with the blog page coming from flexdinesh’s Blogster Bubblegum template. Initial brand design is difficult for me, but give me any starting point and I will run. Now just to pick pretty colours…